Friday, 27 June 2014

 WALT: Make A animation about what is behind the white    door

Friday, 20 June 2014

Paint A Picture

“Woohoo”! as I was walking past I notice a little
door I went through and I saw lots of candy I’m In candy land behind the little door.yummy I feeling happy and excited as I was walking.  well I was walking I was saying this is awesome oh yeah I love it in here I could see lots of candy and also chocolate and cup cakes.

I could hear lots of machines making candy and
chocolate also cupcakes. as I was thinking in my head I was saying I want to eat it I want to eat it. then I finally got to eat the yummy chocolate and candy cupcakes. yum yum.

Riding In A RollerCoaster

“Woohoo!” I feel fantastic” but scared”!I’m in the rollercoaster going slow then slow motion
and then finally faster as the rollercoaster crinkling like a train oh no I feel butterflies in
my tummy now I feel sick already when I just went into to the swirling part it looks like I’m
gonna spew up on everyone oh yes it stopped for a while and then off we went it looked like
we were going back in time I felt extremely dizzy in my head going backwards in the swirling part oh boy oh boy it is finally finish as I unbuckled my seatbelt as I walked I was
extremely dizzy in my head.

Friday, 13 June 2014

My 100 Word Challenge

…but I thought I had enough time…

One great Saturday oh yeah It’s finally here
get to go to netball and play for my cousins team
come on everyone get up come on let’s go to netball
right now ran to get dress and told them to get dress too
Hurry hurry HURRY!!! we got to go now ran to the van
waiting very happy so my mum drove to the courts
and I ran where we I was playing so I Stopped what
but I thought I had enough time oh well who care’s
go play somewhere else so boring for me so tired now bored.

Wise Captain Recount

Woohoo Im wise captain for Kws swag girls team. when someone is away I take over
for them because I take care and also when Kiana is away I still take over for her because
that’s what caring is about is supporting people when they are sick. Next I ran to thE courts yelled at my team come on we are playing but kiana is away the team said I will take over for the captain I support her.secondly I saw someone hurt then I took over and help.last but not least I always love supporting people.