Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Holiday Recount

This Week Room 17 has been doing a holiday recount
 we were doing it so we can tell about our holiday
and what I did well was how I was describing how I felt and I
added lots of details to my writing  what I can do well next time is I can say how was

Ewe Gross muddy sand why do I have to walk all the way to the sea yes yes yes I'm almost there
finally I'm here now I can dig up and grab some pi pi's yummy mm mm can I eat them when we get
home please yes yes yes Journey Mum shouted from all the way walking to the water Yeah!! thank you
Mum yes yes yes yes I'm finish picking pi pi's can we go home when you finish  yes Journey My mum yelled
so are you finish yet mum yes Journey come on we are going back home now Journey OK Mum yeah we are going home off yes finally home yeah I'm  eating them now mm mm they are yummy and delicious I'm finish now they were yummy yummy yummy I loved them thank you mum for the pi pi's.