Friday, 20 June 2014

Paint A Picture

“Woohoo”! as I was walking past I notice a little
door I went through and I saw lots of candy I’m In candy land behind the little door.yummy I feeling happy and excited as I was walking.  well I was walking I was saying this is awesome oh yeah I love it in here I could see lots of candy and also chocolate and cup cakes.

I could hear lots of machines making candy and
chocolate also cupcakes. as I was thinking in my head I was saying I want to eat it I want to eat it. then I finally got to eat the yummy chocolate and candy cupcakes. yum yum.


  1. Renee Stevens, awesome work Journey an i know how much you love candy an chocolate..I really enjoyed watching you do your mahi an thank you for inviting me today xoxo mum..

  2. Kia ora Journey from Mrs Morgan-French. I can tell from reading this story that you like candy and chocolate - so do I! Tu meke.

  3. Hi Mrs Morgan-french I know I like candy and chocolate and thank you for commenting on my story.

  4. cool story journey i know you cholate and lollies

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