Friday, 9 May 2014

Rainbow ends

WALT recount an exciting event so that our reader knows what happened and how we felt.

"Come on let’s go now!"yelled Mum.
"Are we going out?"  I asked
"yes for a family fun day out" she replied "we are going to rainbow ends"

"yes yes!" I yelled as everyone went into the car.  Off we went to rainbow ends.  when we got there  I felt ecstatic when I saw all the rides. I ran to the roller coaster.  when I ran to the ride I saw 2 more seats left so I leaped on the seat and sat down I was really excited.  It was very hot  we were all ready to ride off.the roller coaster ride is awesome   we went up down and around I felt so dizzy  when the ride stopped. I hopped off and went to go play on the different rides.I got hungry because all of the fun made me and everyone else hungry so off we all went to go have a family dinner together.   we had Wendy's for dinner, It was delicious. I had a tired and a fun day at rainbow ends.Thank you mum I loved It at rainbow ends.

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